Social Login Plugin        

Demo From the Social Login Plugin: Demo Here
Here you can create one ApiKey and ApiSecretKey for your Webpage.
If you have the ApiKey, you can use all Login and SignUp functions from
Facebook,LinkedIn,Twitter and Google.

At the bottom is an Script to Download, to demonstrate how it works.
All the Visitors can login, with their Social Site Accounts
You can use the functionality for your Webpage!

Oauth_Callback Url
On this URL Puts the SocialPluginServer the LoginData from the User, to save it in your DB
Secure Image
Secure Code

First Download here the Social Plugin, here below you find the Steps, how is to configure

      Downloads: 2764x

The Download Contains

  • login_index.php (Demonstrates how the SocialPlugin work)
  • receiver.php ( receives Userdata, from the Social Sites [facebook, twitter, linkedIn, google] )
  • directory (loginscript)
    1. config.php (Here you must put the generated ApiKey Data, and you can configure the SocialPlugin )
    2. login.php ( This Script manage the User, login, logout )
  • UnPack the Downloaded file
  • generate a new Social Api Key with this tool
  • Copy the new generated code and put it in the config.php
  • Upload it in your Webspace, call the demo. Page http://yourdomain.tld/login_index.php
  • If the Visitor have multiple Accounts on many Webpages, this script save all Accounts separated..
  • All the Users are stored in the Database, which you can change in config.php
  • We do not store user data